Our pergolas take about 250 years to make.

We use 100-200 year old beams in every pergola. These are architectural treasures.

Our rustic pergolas and arbors are simply outstanding. Each one tells a story; a story of how the craftsman shaped the wood by hand more than a century ago. The classic and unmistakable markings of hand hewing work is proudly evident on all our beams.

Pergola over hot tub
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These highly skilled craftsmen were called housewrights and joiners. They used numerous types of joints to connect beams together without the help of nails or screws.

The structures they built were designed to last for generations: and they did, often for hundreds of years. Hand hewn beams are the heart of yester year’s dwellings, barns, buildings and churches. This historical character and amazing workmanship is now available to enjoy in our unique garden structures.

Our barn beam pergolas are like the finest wines, aged to perfection and full of character.

Letter of Authenticity
Each pergola we create comes with an official letter of authenticity. We endeavour to research the history of each beam this may include what type of structure it was recovered from and general geographic area. In some cases we are able to pinpoint the exact location and building and when possible any historical information on the building or its owners.

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